Let’s eat weeds!

One person’s weed is another person’s salad garnish. Berkeley Hort carries many greens that can be added to your salad; these two are better known as weeds.

Golden Purslane (Botanical Interests)
Portulaca oleracea var. sativa is very similar to our Garden Purslane in appearance, including its upright habit, height, and shape. Its succulent leaves have a golden color and are more tender. An excellent source of natural antioxidants with a cool, soothing flavor.

Miner’s Lettuce (Larner Seeds)
Claytonia perfoliata. This edible native annual provides delicious succulent greens in spring. High in Vitamin C and excellent as salad green or trailside munch. Grows in damp, partially shaded areas.

Flower ideas for dry gardens

Are you wanting to conserve water this year and still grow colorful flowers? Try sowing these.

Blue Flax
(Linum lewisii) A beautiful blue flowering California native. This short-lived perennial has a very long bloom period and reliably reseeds itself in the garden.

Mexican Evening Primrose
(Oenothera speciosa) A southwestern U.S. native available in pink and yellow. This fragrant perennial can naturalize in your garden.

Botanical Interest’s Water-Wise Mix
A colorful mix of low maintenance annuals and perennials. With 20 different types of seeds, this mix will give your garden interest spring through fall.