January 2024

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AppleChilling Req
Anna Apple200 hoursRemarkable fruit for mild-winter climates. Heavy crops of sweet, crisp, flavorful apples. Great fresh off the tree or cooked. Can keep well in the refrigerator for up to 2 months. Self-fruitful or pollinated by ‘Dorsett Golden’ or ’Gravenstein’. Ripens August –October.
Braeburn Apple600-700 hoursMedium to large fruit of high culinary value—excellent when eaten out of hand, fabulous for pie, and great in our climate. Orange-red blush over green-yellow background. Crisp, tangy, aromatic. Best-selling apple of New Zealand. November – December harvest. Self-fruitful.
Dorsett Golden Apple100 hoursOutstanding mild winter apple. Medium to large, yellow w/ orange-red blush. Firm, smooth, crisp flesh w/ sweet-tart flavor. All-purpose. Seedling of Golden Delicious. Self fruitful. (From Bahamas)
Fuji Apple< 500 hoursSweet, always crisp and flavorful, excellent keeper. Best flavor with warm autumns. Ripens early winter. Excellent pollinator for other apples. A Bay Area Favorite. Self-fruitful.
Gala Apple500 hoursBeautiful dessert apple from New Zealand. Crisp texture, aromatic, rich flavor with a perfect balance of sweet and tart. Reddish-orange stripes over yellow. Good pollinator. Late July harvest. Self-fruitful.
Golden Delicious Apple600-700 hoursLongtime favorite for sweetness and flavor—exceptional quality when home grown. Excellent East Bay apple. Reliable, long season producer. Highly recommended. August through October harvest. Self-fruitful.
Granny Smith Apple600 hoursLarge, green, all-purpose heirloom. Firm, crisp, juicy, tart, excellent keeper—sweetens in storage. Classic for cooking & saucing. November harvest. Self-fruitful.
Gravenstein Apple700 hoursFamous for sauce and baking. Can also be used fresh. Crisp, juicy, flavorful, aromatic. Choice apple for East Bay. Late July harvest. Requires pollinator: Fuji, Gala.
Honeycrisp Apple600-700 hrsWinter hardy tree from the University of Minnesota. Ripe fruit is crisp and juicy with a very aromatic flavor. Striped red over golden color. Stores well. Ripens mid-late August. Pollinated by Gala, Granny Smith, Empire.
Pink Lady Apple300-400 hoursCrisp, juicy, sweet-tart with white flesh that resists browning. Pretty pinkish-red blush over green skin. Keeps well—mellows in storage. Good fresh, baked, as sauce. Ripens November, December. Self-fruitful.
Sierra Beauty Apple700-800 hoursA favorite late apple in No. Cal. gardens. Ripe fruit is yellow with red blushed streaks. A rich sprightly flavor that is moderately sweet. Excellent fresh or cooked. Keeps well in cool storage. Ripens November. Self-fruitful.
Yellow Newton Pippin Apple700 hoursAn old New York variety still in great demand because of its versatility. Green skin, firm, crisp, slightly tart with superb flavor. For peak acid to sugar balance let fruit hang on tree until fruit is blushed yellow. Famous for cooking, cider, excellent fresh or dried, good keeper. Vigorous. Late harvest. Self-fruitful.
6 in 1 Espalier*Six of our favorite apple varieties grafted on one rootstock in an espalier style. Great for a fenceline, wall or small space. (‘Braeburn’, ‘Fuji’, ‘Gala’, ‘Golden Delicious’, ‘Gravenstein’, ‘Red Delicious’)

* Chilling requirements in the Dave Wilson Nursery fruit and nut variety descriptions are given in chill hours: hours below 45°F during the dormant period.

PeachesChilling Req
Babcock Peach200-300 hoursMedium-sized, freestone fruit w/ light pink skin, red blush, little fuzz, white flesh. Popular old-timer. Juicy, sweet with a bit of a tang. Self-fruitful.
Eva’s Pride Peach100-200 hoursMed.-large yellow freestone with delicious, fine-flavored, juicy flesh. Earliest to ripen in coastal climates. For best results plant in an open, sunny place in the warmest parts of the region. Self-fruitful.
Muir Peach600-700 hoursLarge Yellow freestone w/dense flesh and rich, sweet distinctive flavor. Greenish yellow skin. Excellent for drying, canning or eating fresh. Discovered on John Muir’s property, near Vacaville, CA. For best results plant in an open, sunny place in the warmest parts of the region. Late July harvest. Self-fruitful.
Red Baron Peach200-300 hoursLarge, firm, juicy, richly flavored, yellow freestone. Showy double red blossoms. Long-time favorite in Southern CA. Self-fruitful.
Sauzee Swirl Peach300-500 hoursA new variety of saucer or donut style peach characterized by its super-sweet white flesh with red marbling. Med.-sized, clingstone with a flavor that has you wanting MORE! For best results plant in an open, sunny place in the warmest parts of the region. Self-fruitful.
PearsChilling Req
Bartlett Pear800 hoursWorld’s most popular pear. Medium to large fruit, green to pale yellow skin. Fine-grained, juicy with a strong musky flavor. Late August harvest. Self-fruitful.
Seckel Pear800 hoursConnoisseurs’ favorite. Small, oval round fruit. Sweet rich, aromatic, flavor; melting, buttery flesh, perhaps the best. Russeted brown skin. Excellent coastal, home orchard pear. Resists fire blight. Late Sept. harvest. Self-fruitful.
Warren Pear600 hoursExcellent quality dessert pear and highly resistant to fireblight. Medium to large long-necked fruit w/ pale green skin. Smooth flesh is juicy, buttery w/ superb flavor. Good keeper. Ripens August. Self-fruitful.
20th Century Asian Pear400 hoursA flat greenish-yellow pear is mild-flavored, firm, tender, juicy, and sweet; crisp like an apple. Easy to grow, heavy bearing tree. Mid-September harvest. Self-fruitful.
Shinseiki Asian Pear250-300 hoursMedium to large fruit with amber skin. Flesh is white, sweet, mild, tender, crisp, juicy. Ripens August. Productive. Self-fertile, but another variety will greatly increase yield. Use “Bartlett” or “20th Century”.
PlumsChilling Req
Beauty Plumlow chill–250 hoursSweet flavorful plum, more widely adapted than Santa Rosa and more productive in cool, rainy climates. Bright red skin, amber flesh with scarlet streaks. Self-fruitful.
Burgundy Plum400 hoursSmall round fruit with maroon-colored skin and flesh. Sweet with little or no tartness, mild flavor. Four stars for flavor; scores high in taste tests. Productive, prolonged harvest. Great for home gardens. Late August harvest. Self-fruitful.
Green Gage Plum600 hoursLongtime favorite for dessert, cooking, canning. Richly flavored, aromatic, very sweet. Excellent fresh and for cooking. Originated in Belgium in 19th Century. Self-fruitful.
Santa Rosa Plum300 hoursMost popular plum in California and one of the best. Juicy, tangy, flavorful. Reddish-purple skin, amber flesh tinged red. Tree is vigorous and productive. Mid-July harvest. Self-fruitful.
Satsuma Plum300-400 hoursLuther Burbank plum w/ dark red, solid, juicy, meaty flesh. Skin dull red, fruit small to medium sized with very good flavor. A favorite. Good fresh & for conserves. Pollinate w/ Santa Rosa or Beauty. Keep to any size with pruning. Late July harvest.
Weeping Santa Rosa Plum400 hoursOne of the most flavorful, aromatic plums when fully ripe. Beautiful eight to ten foot tree with weeping habit – slender limbs bow gracefully to the ground. Easy for espalier. Self-fruitful.
4 in 1 Low Chill Plum300-500 hoursFour different plums grafted on one rootstock! Each delicious variety selected for the ability to produce abundant long harvests in our mild Bay Area climate. (includes 4 of the following: Methly, Beauty, Santa Rosa, Burgundy, or Golden Nectar)
HybridsChilling Req
Flavor Delight Aprium200-300 hoursPlum-apricot cross, looks like an apricot; dense flesh w/ clean tang of apricot and a touch of plum sweetness. Flavorful early season fruit–ripe in June. Partially self fruitful but best crop when pollinated by another apricot.
Spice Zee NectaPlum200-300 hoursSkin is dark maroon at fruit-set, and turns pale pink when ripe. White fleshed ripe fruit is unparalleled in flavor, with both nectarine and plums traits. Very productive. Beautiful pink spring bloom. Harvest July-Aug. Self-fruitful.
Dapple Dandy Pluot400-500 hoursTaste test winner. As pretty as it is flavorful. Skin greenish-yellow with red spots, turning to a maroon and yellow dapple. Creamy white flesh streaked crimson. Late August harvest. Pollinate with another Pluot or a Santa Rosa or Burgundy plum.
Flavor Queen Pluot400-500 hoursReturning this year by popular demand! Plum/Apricot hybrid with a candy-like flavor. Greenish-yellow skin with amber-orange flesh. Long harvest form July-Aug. Pollinated by Dapple Dandy Pluot or Burgundy Plum.
Fruit Salad< 600 hoursEnjoy multiple stone fruits on one tree! Possible Varieties: ‘Elberta’ Peach, ‘Fantasia’ Nectarine, ‘Blenheim’ Apricot, ‘Babcock’ Peach, ‘Santa Rose’ Plum. All self-fruitful.
Other FruitsChilling Req
Autumn Glow Apricot500 hoursA Taste Test Winner! Late season, med. sized, freestone fruit with good color. Very productive. Excellent in preserves, pies Or fresh picked. Self-fruitful.
Blenheim Apricot500 hoursNumber one California apricot and for good reason. All-purpose freestone, large, sweet, aromatic, and sprightly. Excellent for all uses. Productive. Low chill. Late June harvest. Self-fruitful.
Gold Kist ApricotLow chill–300 hoursExcellent back yard apricot for warm winter climate. Medium to large fruit is yellow with red blush. Colors 2 to 4 weeks before ripening. Orange flesh is firm, with a mild flavor. Very good quality. Ripens May-June. Self-fruitful.
Royal Rosa Apricot500-600 hoursVigorous, disease resistant apricot with especially nice fruit: sweet, low acid, fine flavor. Excellent backyard apricot. Early June harvest. Self-fruitful.
English Morello Sour Cherry500 hoursShiny dark-red skin and red flesh that is firm and full of sour juice are as delectable right off the tree, still warm from the sun, as they are baked or made into jam and jelly. Self-fruitful.
Lapins Cherry500 hoursSelf fruitful, dark red, sweet cherry with large, firm fruit and good flavor. Proven to perform well in our cherry hostile climate. Self-fruitful.
Royal Crimson Cherry200-300 hoursA newer variety that produces an abundance of exceptionally sweet red fruit, with firm crunchy flesh. Harvest late May. Tested to be very adaptable in western, mild climates. Excellent pollinator for other cherries. Self-fruitful.
Stella Cherry400-600 hoursFruit large, w/ dark red, nearly black skin. Flesh sweet, dark red with good flavor and texture. Bears at a young age. SELF-FRUITFUL! And a good pollinizer for all sweet cherries. Late harvest in June.
Persian Mulberry*Large, juicy blackberry like fruit on a large, dense, fast-growing, spreading tree. Fruit is delicious in pies or jams.
Arctic Star Nectarine300-400 hoursEarliest to ripen of the low-acid, super-sweet white nectarines. Top reviews in taste-tests. Beautiful dark red skin, snow-white semi-free-stone flesh. Nectarines like heat. For best results plant in an open, sunny place only in the warmest parts of the region. Ripens mid-late June. Self-fruitful.
Honey Kist Nectarine500 hoursEarly ripening yellow nectarine with high sugar content & low acid. Harvest before the fruit begins to soften; most sub-acid varieties have the advantage of being good to eat before they reach peak ripeness. For best results plant in an open, sunny place only in the warmest parts of the region. Early July harvest. Self-fruitful.
Snow Queen Nectarine250-300 hoursOne of the sweetest of all nectarines in most taste tests. Features free-stone, snow white flesh. Long-time So. Cal. favorite. Ripens later in season than most nectarines. For best results plant in an open, sunny place only in the warmest parts of the region. Self-fruitful.
Fuyu Persimmon200 hoursMedium sized, shiny orange red, flattened fruit, crunchy when ripe. Hardy, attractive landscape tree, practically pest free
Hachiya Persimmon200 hoursLarge, deep orange-red, acorn-shaped. Sweet, rich, and flavorful, astringent until soft-ripe. Excellent when dried. Attractive landscape tree.

* Chilling requirements in the Dave Wilson Nursery fruit and nut variety descriptions are given in chill hours: hours below 45°F during the dormant period.