November 2023

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BlueberriesFruiting Season
BluecropMidLight blue berry, good dessert quality. Vigorous, upright growth with fiery-red fall foliage.
BluerayEarly/MidLarge powder blue fruit. Sweet, and slightly tart. Rosy-pink flowers turn bright white in full bloom.
ElliotLateLarge sweet, slightly tart berries in September! Burgundy wood and grey green leaves.
JewelMidAbundant crops of the largest Southern Highbush berries with a sweet, tangy flavor. Upright habit. Long harvest period.
MistyEarlyVigorous and prolific producer of med. sweet juicy berries. Smaller plant. Nice fall color.
O’NealEarlyVery sweet, med. sized light blue fruit. Southern Highbush that is the earliest to ripen.
Pink LemonadeMid/LateA hybrid of a Rabbit eye and a Southern Highbush. Beautiful interior and exterior pink color develops with peak ripeness. Tastes just like a “blue”berry!
ReveilleEarlyMedium to large, light blue, firm fruit with a pleasantly distinct flavor. Easy to grow variety that thrives in either hot climates, or cool coastal areas. Upright growth.
SharpblueEarlyBerries are dark blue, dime-sized, with excellent flavor and texture.
Sunshine BlueEarly/LateMed. size, sweet and tangy. Semi-dwarf. Great in pots! Can produce year round. Fall color. Staff Favorite!
Black Satin ThornlessLarge, firm, glossy black berries bursting with flavor when ripe. Highly disease resistant and productive with minimal suckering.
Chester ThornlessSemi erect canes produce large, sweet, dark berries. Flavorful even before peak ripeness. Disease resistant.
OlallieBig ‘ol, shiny, firm berries that are more sweet than tart than other blackberries. Great for pies. Staff Favorite!
Triple Crown ThornlessNamed for its three crowning attributes: Flavor, productivity, and vigor! Large, firm juicy berries ripen mid-summer.
Boysenberry ThornlessA hybrid of blackberry, raspberry, dewberry and loganberry. Fruits are large, dark maroon in color with an intense, tangy, sweet flavor.
Black JackLarge purplish-brown figs with sweet, juicy, strawberry-pink flesh. Great flavor similar to Black Mission. Naturally small tree, ideal for containers, small Bay Area gardens. Self-fruitful. 100hr. chill.
Black MissionPurple-black figs with strawberry-colored flesh. Favored for dependability & excellent flavor, fresh and dry use. Heavy bearing, long lived tree. Self-fruitful. 100hr
Brown TurkeyLarge fruit with coppery-brown skin, pink flesh with few seeds. Sweet, rich flavor, best used fresh. Naturally small tree, prune to any shape. Self-fruitful. 100hr.
ConadriaChoice thin-skinned light fig blushed violet with firm, pink flesh. Sweet rich flavor, used fresh or dried. Vigorous and long lived. Excellent coastal fig. Self-fruitful. 100hr.
Desert KingLarge fruit with dark green skin, violet-pink flesh for fresh eating. Late summer crop. Rich flavor, excellent quality in cool coastal climates. Self-fruitful. 100hr.
Panache TigerStriped and stippled green fruit w/ crimson red pulp. Excellent coastal fig w/ especially fine flavor, sweet and tasty. Highly ornamental and fairly fast growing. Prune to any size. Self-fruitful. 100hrs.
Violette de BordeauxSmall to medium sized, purple-black fruit. When ripe, pulp is a deep red strawberry-like color, w/ a distinctive sweet, rich flavor. Excellent fresh or dried. Smaller tree is great for large container or small spaces. Self-fruitful. 100hrs.
Gogi Berry
Lycium barbarum (aka: Wolfberry)A hardy fast growing shrub. Lavender pink flowers are followed by bright red fruit; mild, sweet licorice. Can be eaten raw, cooked or dried. Used in traditional Chinese medicine; now considered a “superfood”
Gooseberry & Currant
Hinnomaki Red GooseberryMed. sized red berry that has a slightly tangy skin and very sweet flesh. The shrub has an upright growing habit, and is mildew & disease resistant. Very adaptable to mild winter climates. Self-fruitful.
Pixwell GooseberryLarge light green berries that turn pink and very sweet when fully ripe. Practically thornless; easy to pick! Showy bronze & purple fall foliage. Mildew resistant & adaptable to mild winters. Self-fruitful.
Red Lake CurrantHeavy-bearing bushes yield the tastiest currants you’ve ever savored; ideal for preserves, tarts, craft cocktails and muffins! Self-fruitful.
Concord SeedlessBerries very similar to ‘Concord, but seedless (or seeds very rare). Bluish-black skin. Green flesh, classic flavor. Self-fruitful. 100hrs.
Crimson SeedlessLarge-medium sized, juicy & tasty fruit grows in huge, triangular-shaped clusters on vigorous vines. Great for fresh eating or drying for raisins. Self-fruitful. 100hrs.
Flame SeedlessLight red, oval seedless, sweet and crisp berry. Excellent fresh or dried for raisins. Vigorous vines are nice over an arbor. Great fall color! Full sun for best berry production. Self-fruitful. 100hrs.
Golden MuscatMature amber colored grapes that have that California Muscat flavor; Quite juicy and very sweet. Very ornamental; great fall color. 100hr Self-fruitful.
Interlaken SeedlessThis hybrid of ‘Thompson’ requires less heat and is more cold hardy. Pale green berry is sweet and crisp. 100hr. Self-fruitful.
PrincessExceptional, seedless, greenish-white table grape with a mild Muscat flavor. Large firm fruit in small clusters. Considered to be an improved ‘Thompson Seedless’. 100hr. Self-fruitful.
Suffolk Red SeedlessProduces large loose clusters of round, med. sized fruit, have very tender red skin and are delicious eaten fresh or cooled down as a dessert. 100hr. Self-fruitful.
Thompson SeedlessPale green fruit is sweet and delicious, with no bitter aftertaste. Dependably productive. Makes great golden raisins. 100hr. Self-fruitful.
Issaii“Fuzzless” fruit; no need to peel! Smaller than standard “fuzzy” kiwi, but considered sweeter. Very high in vitamin C & antioxidants. Fast growing and quite ornamental. Very cold & heat tolerant. Self-fruitful. 200hr.
JennyThe first self-fertile fuzzy kiwi! Large heart shaped leaves. Egg-shaped, fuzzy brown skin & juicy, green flesh fruit. Fast growing. Self-fruitful. 100hr.
Dwarf Persian Mulberry Large, juicy, very sweet blackberry like fruit on a large, dense, fast-growing, spreading tree. Self-fruitful.
ArbequinaOften commercially planted for curing or oil. Smaller tree bears early, heavy yields of fruit that is very aromatic & fruity without much bitterness. Quite disease & pest resistant. Self-fruitful, but benefits from a pollinator.
KoroneikiOriginating on the islands of Crete nearly 300 yrs. Ago, it remains one of the most popular olives in Greece, grown exclusively for oil. Oil starts as a robust fruity aroma and finishes with a peppery zing. Try some at Magnani’s! Frost hardy. Self-fruitful.
ManzanilloClassic table olive, can be eaten either green or black (85% pulp). Becomes fruitier and less bitter as it ripens. Produces a surprising quantity of aromatic, sweet oil. Hardy to cold & heat. Self-fruitful.
MissionClassic California olive considered to be one of the most ornamental in the home garden. While the dark fruit is popular, it is also harvested for its green fruit which is known for its wonderful, mild earthy flavor both in cured table olives and pressed to oil. Self-fruitful.
AriannaA taste test winner. Large, bright red fruit has small, soft seeds with a sweet, punchy flavor. Self-fruitful. 100hr.
DesertnyiUnique looking orange/red skinned fruit. Excellent sweet/tart citrus-like flavor w/ soft, edible seeds. Self-fruitful. 200hr.
EversweetYellow fruit blushed pink. Very sweet, virtually seedless fruit (even immature fruits are sweet.), clear (non-staining) juice. Self-fruitful. 150hr.
ParfiankaLarge red fruit that are pretty sweet with a little tartness, red arils with tiny edible seeds, good for juice and great for fresh eating. Self-fruitful. 150hr.
SweetSweeter fruit than ‘Wonderful’!? Ornamental tree with showy orange-red blossoms. Quality fruit, even in cooler summer climates. Self-fruitful. 100hr.
WonderfulShowy SCARLET flowers (a hummingbird favorite); 3-5″ very sweet fruit. Keep at any height with pruning. Water deeply, infrequently. Self-fruitful. 150hr.
AnneEverbearingThe largest (quarter-sized!) & best tasting of the yellow raspberries. Highly adaptable to cooler summers. Self-fruitful.
CanbySpringbearingThe only truly “thornless”, red raspberry. Large, firm, juicy berries are good for all uses. Heavy summer harvest in Bay Area climate. Aphid and viroid resistant.
CarolineEverbearingVery productive large, firm, juicy berries with rich, true raspberry flavor. Berries ripen as early as June, then again in Fall. Tolerant to root rot and has high resistance to gray mold.
Fall GoldEverbearingBig conical, non-crumbling golden berries with extremely sweet flesh. Great for canning or fresh desserts!
HeritageEverbearingLarger, firm, deep red berries. Classic flavor! Great fresh or preserved. Vigorous, hardy canes which may not need staking.
AlbionEverbearingLong, conical, firm fruit w/ excellent flavor and disease resistance. Prefers rich, well-drained soil. Bears all summer long where weather is mild. A staff favorite!
CabrilloEverbearingAn abundance of medium to deep-red flavorful firm fruit of the highest quality and longest shelf life. Disease resistant. Now you can grow this favorite of Watsonville growers!
ChandlerJune-bearingFruit size is med. to large, high yielding, brilliant red color, and excellent flavor. A vigorous, early variety producing many runners. Fairly resistant to leaf spot. A taste test winner!
MontereyEverbearingLarge, semi-soft fruit with outstanding flavor and a very unique sweet aftertaste. Plant is vigorous & disease resistant. Best in full sun. An easy berry to grow for “little” gardeners!
San AndreasEverbearingSimilar to ‘Albion’ for fruit quality, but with a higher yield. With large, attractive, very flavorful fruit.
SeascapeEverbearingVery sweet, large conical-shaped berries, with an attractive, glossy finish from late Spring through Fall. Disease resistant and adaptable to a wide range of growing conditions.
W. floribunda ‘Issai’Flowers are bicolored bright and pale LAVENDER, in clusters to 18″ long. Long-lived woody vine.
W. sinensis ‘Cook’s Special’Flowers are dark PURPLE, slightly fragrant, in plump clusters 1′ long. May bloom twice a year.
W. sinensis ‘Double Purple’Flowers are PURPLE, fully double, in plump clusters 1′ long & very fragrant. Clusters opens all at once.
W. venusta ‘Alba’Drooping clusters of fragrant, pea-like white flowers in May. In cooler weather the flower buds are pink.