Once again we are offering Dormant Potted Rose plants during the winter months while supplies last.  Quality-grown by Star Roses and packaged in plantable fiber pots, they make great gifts for gardeners! Follow the links to see photos and more in the Star Roses Catalog.


(Subject to availability)

‘America’CoralSpicy, strong
‘Arborose Kiss Me Kate’PinkStrong
‘Arborose Quicksilver’Lavender, purpleLight
‘Arborose Tangerine Skies’OrangeStrong
‘Cherry Frost’Dark redVery slight
‘Colette’Pink, apricotDamask, strong
‘Eden’Pink, whiteSlight
‘Eden Red’Dark redMild, classic rose
‘Eden White’WhiteSlight
‘Fruity Petals’Coral w/ yellow eyeSlight
‘Garden Sun’Pink & yellowSlight
‘Iceberg Climbing’WhiteLight
‘Joseph’s Coat’Orange, redLight
‘New Dawn’Soft pinkMedium fruity
‘Polka’ApricotStrong spice
‘Raspberry Cream Twirl’Striped deep pink & whiteSlight green apple
‘Sally Holmes’White, light buff pinkSlight
‘Zephirine Drouhin’Cerise PinkStrong bourbon
‘Adobe Sunrise’Salmon orangeVery slight
‘Angel Face’LavenderStrong Citrus
‘Bright & Shiny’Apricot, pink, yellowSlight
‘Brilliant Pink Iceberg’Cerise pink, creamMild honey
‘Burgundy Iceberg’Cream, deep purple, redMild honey
‘Cinco De Mayo’Orange, redMild apple
‘Easy Does It’Apricot, orangeModerate fruit
‘Gingersnap’Bold orangeSlight
‘Hot Cocoa’Chocolate red & orangeModerate fruit
‘Iceberg’Classic whiteMild honey
‘Intrigue’PurpleStrong Citrus
‘Julia Child’Butter GoldStrong
‘Poseidon’Lavender, purpleLight
‘Scentimental’Red/white variegationSpicy, strong
‘Sunbelt Plum Perfect’Lavender purpleModerate
‘Sunbelt Sierra Lady’Dark orange, apricotLight
‘Sunbelt South Africa’Dark goldModerate
‘Veranda Lavender’LavenderVery slight
‘Veranda Mango’Copper, orangeSlight
‘Veranda Sunbeam’Golden yellowVery slight
‘Dream Come True’Pink, yellowMild tea
‘Gold Struck’Golden yellowVery slight
‘Strike It Rich’Golden yellow w/ ruby blushFruit, strong spice
‘Sunbelt Crazy Love’Copper, yellowModerate
‘Wild Blue Yonder’Mauve, purpleStrong citrus
Hybrid TeaColor(s)Fragrance
‘Abbaye de Cluny’ApricotModerate, spicy citrus
‘Barbra Streisand’Lavender, magentaCitrus, strong rose
‘Black Baccara’Burgundy redVery slight
‘Blue Girl’LavenderLight fruit
‘Centennial Star’Red, yellowStrong
‘Chrysler Imperial’Dark redStrong
‘Dark Night’Dark red w/ yellow reverseVery slight
‘Dee-Lish’Deep pinkVery strong verbena
‘Double Delight’Cream, redStrong spice
‘Eleganza Grande Amore’Bright RedLight
‘Francis Meilland’Shell pinkStrong citrus, fruit
‘Heirloom’Deep lavenderStrong
‘Ingrid Bergman’Dark redStrong
‘Just Joey’ApricotStrong fruit
‘Memorial Day’LavenderDamask rose, strong
‘Mister Lincoln’Dark redStrong damask
‘Olympiad’Pure redLight fruit
‘Papa Meilland’Dark redStrong fruit
‘Parfuma Earth Angel’Cream, pinkVery strong, apple, champagne
‘Peter Mayle’Deep pinkStrong old rose
‘Romantica Moonlight’Yellow, white blushHoney, sweet fruit
‘Rouge Royale’Burgundy redStrong berry, citrus
‘Secret’s Out’WhiteSpicy, strong
‘Sterling Silver’Lavender silverStrong citrus
‘Sunbelt Savannah’Classic pinkStrong citrus
‘Traviata’Vibrant dark redSlight
‘Traviata Pink’Deep pinkSlight
‘Valencia’Creamy apricot, copperStrong, sweet
‘Voodoo’Orange, peach, yellowRich fruit
‘Yves Piaget’Deep pinkStrong rose
Shrub RoseColor(s)Fragrance
‘Blanc Double de Coubert’WhiteVery strong
‘Pink Pavement’MauveVery slight
‘Raspberry Rugostar’Deep pinkVery slight
‘Snow Pavement’White, slight pinkClove, strong