I personally do not like to wear hats. Don’t ask why. When I venture out, I always see people with hats on, and they look great! So my better half is fairer of skin than I, and almost always has a hat on. He convinced me that I need to wear a hat when I’m gardening. Wow! I stayed cooler with the brim shading me from the sun and the top of my head wasn’t burning up. So now, when I look at people with hats that are attractive I think—maybe one would work for me. If you too are searching, look no further. Berkeley Hort has great hats.

We carry wide hats that block the sun, western hats, stylish hats where the brim can be worn up or down, packable hats to take on your trips, kid’s hats and many ventilated hats that are UPF 50+. Who knew that hats could be so much fun? I haven’t settled on just one hat that I’m comfortable wearing on a daily basis—with so many to choose from, why pick just one?

Whether you are timid about hats or just plain love hats, come in and check out BHN’s selection. The inventory moves quickly so there are always new ones coming in. You might even see me wearing a hat!

Treat yourself.