Nursery visitors in fall and winter know that we stock a large selection of flower bulbs suitable for planting in many West Coast climates. Typically we kick-off bulb season in August with Bearded Iris rhizomes, and many of the fall bloomers like Saffron Crocus. Then as we pass the Autumnal Equinox we see the spring-blooming classics such as Narcissus, Tulipa, Allium and the like. After the New Year, bulb activity picks up again as we see the summer-flowering favorites; Dahlias, Lilium, Gladiolus, and Calla Lilies (Zantedeschia).

We should start receiving the following list of bulbs in early February, including over 20 varieties of Dahlias!

Please note: Bulbs sell out quickly after their arrival, so we recommend that you call the nursery for availability.

Spring 2024

Genus / Common NameVariety / Species
CaladiumCarolyn Whorton
CaladiumFancy Leaf Aaron
CaladiumRed Flash
CrocosmiaGeorge Davidson
Dahlia AnemoneBumble Rumble
Dahlia BallJowey Winnie
Dahlia DecorativeCaproz Pizzazz
Dahlia DecorativeCaribbean Fantasy
Dahlia DecorativeCrazy Love
Dahlia DecorativeCréme de Cassis
Dahlia DecorativePrince of Orange
Dahlia DecorativeSolar Flare Blend
Dahlia Dinner PlateBabylon Red
Dahlia Dinner PlateBristol Stripe
Dahlia Dinner PlateDazzling Magic
Dahlia Dinner PlateBlend
Dahlia Dinner PlateFairway Spur
Dahlia Dinner PlateKelvin Floodlight
Dahlia Dinner PlateLilac Time
Dahlia Dinner PlateMats
Dahlia Dinner PlateMystery Day
Dahlia Dinner PlateSir Alfred Ramsey
Dahlia Dinner PlateThomas A. Edison
Dahlia FimbriataKogane Fubuki
Dahlia PomponGolden Scepter
Dahlia Semi CactusJowey Morris
FreesiaDouble Flowering Mixture
FreesiaSingle Flowering Mixture
FreesiaSingle Flowering Pink
FreesiaSingle Flowering Yellow
GladiolusLarge Flowering
GladiolusLarge Flowering Pink Lady
GladiolusLarge Flowering Purple
GladiolusLarge Flowering Mardi Gras Mixture
GladiolusLarge Flowering Polar Bear
Lilium Asiatic (Hardy Lily)Golden Matrix
Lilium Asiatic (Hardy Lily)Must See
Lilium Asiatic (Hardy Lily)Netty’s Pride
Lilium Oriental (Fragrant Lily)Stargazer
Lilium RoselilyThalita
Ranunculus Aviv (Persian Buttercup)Mixture
Ranunculus Aviv (Persian Buttercup)Pastel Mixture
Ranunculus Aviv (Persian Buttercup)Red
Ranunculus Aviv (Persian Buttercup)Salmon
Ranunculus Aviv (Persian Buttercup)White
(Lily of the Valley)Convallaria majalis
(Peruvian Daffodil)Hymenocallis festalis
Ixia hybrid (Wand Flower)Mixture
Sparaxis (Harlequin Flower)Tricolor Mixture