Nursery visitors in fall and winter know that we stock a large selection of flower bulbs suitable for planting in many West Coast climates. Typically we kick-off bulb season in August with Bearded Iris rhizomes, and many of the fall bloomers like Saffron Crocus. Then as we pass the Autumnal Equinox we see the spring-blooming classics such as Narcissus, Tulipa, Allium and the like. After the New Year, bulb activity picks up again as we see the summer-flowering favorites; Lilium, Gladiolus, and Calla Lilies.

We should start receiving the following list of bulbs in early March, including 25 varieties of Dahlias!

Please note: Bulbs sell out quickly after their arrival, so we recommend that you call the nursery for availability.

Spring 2023

Begonia Bouton de Rose
Begonia fimbriata Red
Begoniaodorata Angelique
Begonia Samba Pastel Mix
Begonia Splendide Ballerina Apricot
Begonia Superba Salmon
Colocasia (Elephant Ears)esculenta
Colocasia (Elephant Ears)esculenta ‘Mojito’
Colocasia (Elephant Ears)esculenta ‘Teacup’
Convallariamajalis (Lily of the Valley)
CrocosmiaGeorge Davidson
DahliaMemorial Day Blend
DahliaDecorative Orange Blend
DahliaTickled Pink Blend
DahliaPompon Blend
DahliaBananas Foster Blend (semi cactus)
DahliaArabian Night (decorative)
DahliaCaproz Pizzazz (decorative)
DahliaCaribbean Fantasy (decorative)
DahliaCatching Fire (decorative)
DahliaCrazy Love (decorative)
DahliaCrème de Cassis (decorative)
DahliaEveline (decorative)
DahliaJowey Gypsy (decorative)
DahliaBristol Stripe (dinner plate)
DahliaKelvin Floodlight (dinner plate)
DahliaLilac Time (dinner plate)
DahliaMom’s Special (dinner plate)
DahliaOtto’s Thrill (dinner plate)
DahliaPeaches and Cream (dinner plate)
DahliaSnow Country (dinner plate)
DahliaJowey Morris (semi cactus)
DahliaGolden Scepter (pompon)
Dahlia fimbriataCanary Fabuki
Eucomis (Pineapple Lily)Mix
FreesiaDouble Mix
FreesiaSingle Mix
FreesiaSingle Yellow
FreesiaSingle Blue
GladiolusLarge flowering blend
GladiolusLarge flowering purple blend
GladiolusAbyssinian; Acidanthera murielae
GladiolusBlue Moon Mix
Hemerocallis (Day Lily)Stella d’Oro
Ixia (African Corn Lilies)Hybrid Mix
LiliumFragrant Blend (oriental)
LiliumRoselily Blend
LiliumTigerlily Blend
LiliumFata Morgana (Asiatic double)
LiliumBig News (oriental)
LiliumLotus Queen (oriental)
LiliumStargazer (oriental)
LiliumAltari (oriental trumpet)
LiliumHigh Tea (oriental trumpet)
LiliumThalita (roselily)
LiliumNightrider (Turkish Asiatic)
LiliumLady Alice (Turkish Cap)
Paeonia lactifoliaKarl Rosenfield
Paeonia lactifoliaSarah Bernhardt
RanunculusAviv Mix
RanunculusPastel Mix
Zantedeschia (Calla Lily)aethiopica
Zantedeschia (Calla Lily)Denver
Zantedeschia (Calla Lily)Escape
Zantedeschia (Calla Lily)Lady Marmalade