For any parent in your life who gardens, consider a gift this Mother’s or Father’s Day of one of the most indispensable small hand tools, the claw, or cultivator. The cultivator is a smallish member of the fork family; its one or more tines are bent at an angle to the handle, and it is pulled through the soil to dislodge weeds and break clods. A cultivator can also be employed as a backscratcher. What more traditional gift from child to parent than the backscratcher! We carry four models of these small cultivators.

Besides giving a claw to Ma or Pa, you could present the hands that rocked your cradle with a pair of gloves. Whether worn grubbing in the soil, or simply to preserve a manicure while petting the snails, gloves are indispensable and always welcome. We have a big selection of styles and sizes, including the stretchy, comfortable and affordable Bellingham blue gloves.

The staff at Berkeley Hort will gladly make more suggestions for Mother’s and Father’s Day gifts. Here are a few of our favorite, inexpensive small tools:

  • Nickel Haws Mister: For moisturizing houseplants, houseguests.
  • Deadheads: Mini-shears for plant grooming.
  • Japanese Sickle: For removing Oxalis.
  • Hori Hori Knife: For digging, cutting containers, slicing roots.
  • Hand Rake: For tight spaces.
  • L-shaped Weeder: For weeding between pavers.
  • Bamboo Broom: Beautiful, rake-ish.