We’re passionate about growing our own food, and judging from the increase in demand for all things comestible, you are too. Our veggie shelves are filled year-round with annual and perennial, Certified Organic seedlings. Close by, shoppers will find a seasonal mix of fresh herb plants ready for the garden, window box, or patio pot. Certain crops have been slow to become available with the ‘Organic’ designation, but we are making progress finding growers of strawberries, raspberries and even blueberries to fill that niche. Gardeners on a tighter budget will find that our selection of seeds is unparalleled. Wherever possible we search for Certified Organic and Heirloom varieties so you can save seeds to share…or just replant next season.

Our Bay Area climate is ideal for certain fruit trees such as Apples, Pears, and many Citrus varieties. Gardeners with plenty of space should consider growing Kiwi vines, Passion Fruit and Grapes. With an eye toward good drainage you can also be successful with Apricots, Pluots and Plums. And with warm summers and mild winters we encourage you to try Avocados, Figs, Guavas and even Bananas.

Many of these are only available to us for a brief period each year, but give us a call and we can tell you what’s here. Bon Appétit.