Helen Krayenhoff

Posters by Helen Krayenhoff
Posters by Helen Krayenhoff

Berkeley Horticultural Nursery is the subject for two new posters by local graphic artist Helen Krayenhoff. Each is beautifully illustrated and captioned with plants that represent something special to us. Printed on 100% recycled paper, and measuring 7.25 X 34 inches they make a wonderful addition to a wall in the home of any garden enthusiast. $4.99 each; $7.98 for both

Autumn visitors to the nursery have seen the bright red leaves of Vitis californica covering the otherwise unpleasant chain link fence along Ada Street. Its small berries feed birds, squirrels and other critters, and its leaves provide cooling and privacy during summer, leading to a brilliant fall climax before leaf-drop. This vine is an enduring CA native…just like BHN.

Helen Krayenhoff has been an artist primarily in small paper media such as cards and calendars. More recently she has applied her watercolor skills to a poster-size format. We look forward to seeing more of her work in the near future. Printed on heavy 50% recycled bamboo stock, measuring exactly 18 x 24 inches and available at BHN for $30.

David Lance Goines

Posters by Lance Peter Goines
Posters by David Lance Goines

Since the mid ’90’s we have been pleased to work with local graphic artist David Lance Goines, producing a series of posters. The line that distinguishes art from advertisement can be unclear, as seen in his many varied works shown at galleries around the world. Learn more about David’s work at www.goines.net. Also a talented writer and advocate of free speech, David is a Berkeley treasure in his own right. Measuring roughly 18 x 24 inches, each of these limited edition posters is available at BHN for $100.