fig - Illustration by Helen KrayenhoffLater, in mid-November we will have a huge selection of berries and fruit trees. These are some of the fruits that we would normally offer in bare root form, but for the last few years we’ve been offering them in 4”x 9” plastic liners. Our friends down at Dave Wilson Nursery claim that by growing these fruits in liners they’ve experienced both healthier plants and the ability to offer a larger selection to the public earlier in the season than normal.

You can expect some tasty choices like Blackberries, and eight different varieties of Blueberries including our favorite, ‘Sunshine Blue’. Look for a sweet offering of Figs like the popular ‘Black Jack’. For a hot spot, try growing some delicious Grapes or Olives. If you have the space, how about a vigorous set of Kiwis? They are beautiful and yummy! And who doesn’t like Raspberries? Try a couple of classic reds, or the unique ‘Fall Gold’.

We’ve found that besides the benefit of a delicious harvest, all of these plants can be beautiful additions to any garden, from fragrant blossoms (that attract beneficial insects and hummingbirds), or interesting structure and texture, to amazing fall color.

Check our website or come into the nursery for complete lists of the varieties we’ll be bringing in. Do a little research, or ask us for tips on growing or suggestions for some of our personal favorites. Have fun in the