Protect your investment

Lessingia filaginifolia - Illustration by Helen KrayenhoffIt goes without saying that soil which is covered by living plants absorbs and holds water better than bare, exposed soil without roots to bind its structure. Knowing this, we can get plants or seeds established before the heaviest rains hit in order to minimize erosion and retain moisture in the topsoil. These early fall months should be ideal for planting CA Natives, cover crops, and wildflower seeds as long as hot, drying northeast winds don’t become an issue for us.

An excellent choice for erosion control plus some color is Annual Ryegrass with the addition of either White or Crimson Clover. We sell each of these in one pound packages; you can make your own blend. Wildflower mixes can also help to stabilize hillsides where runoff is problematic. Popular, and available in ¼ pound (that’s a lot!) packages from Larner Seeds, we carry Hills of CA Mix, Coast of CA Mix, Marin Meadow Mix, Pollinator Conservation Mix, and CA Shady Wildflower Mix.

Beyond seeds, we have an extensive selection of West Coast Native plants for naturalizing and soil retention. Staff favorites include Yarrow (Achillea millefolium), CA Meadow Sedge (Carex pansa), Silver Carpet (Lessingia filaginifolia), Salvia sonomensis, and Blue Eyed Grass (Sisyrinchium bellum). All of these are drought tolerant once established but will need supplemental water until rains arrive.

We pray that the first storms of the season bring us light, gentle rain to help with germination and rooting-in while minimizing puddling and runoff. After that we say,  “bring it on!”