Che Salas

Practicality is something we are always searching for at BHN, and after seeing the resumé of this handy-man I knew we wanted to meet him.  Credentials included many years as the caretaker for a large and remote ranch deep in the mountains of Carmel Valley.  Designing and maintaining an extensive landscape including irrigation, fruit orchard, lawn, masonry, soil conditioning; maintaining cabins, barns, and surroundings including construction, electrical, plumbing, and firewood supply; maintaining pools, generators, a 4 mile unpaved road, all vehicles and power equipment; and boarding horses, including feeding, health, tack maintenance; all of this occasionally done in adverse conditions of extreme heat, freezing cold, and oh yeah. . .he was alone!  Currently, Che acts as our main plant buyer, communicating with dozens of growers about availability of trees, shrubs, and perennials.  Ask him about our selection of Fruits and Berries at BHN and watch him light-up with an enthusiasm for edibles that is truly contagious!