by anonymous gardener

We’re jumping the gun on this premise in order to make a point. What you do over the next two months will be the subject of many conversations later this fall. The routines that we have followed over much of the year are put aside as we try new experiences, visit new places, or return to old familiar ones. Whether your usual routine involves school, work, or home responsibilities NOW is the time to get out of the rut and try something different…even if just for a few days.

Traditionally summer is a time of relative leisure, unless of course you’re a farmer. The spring cleaning is done, the kids are at home more, and outdoor activities dominate our dreams. In the garden warm-season veggies and flowers are putting on a show, while nurseries and garden centers entice you with new and unusual varieties. Watering becomes a critical concern, prompting us to install that drip system we’ve been putting off; or just hiring the kid down the street to come in to water while we’re away.

Socially, summer is a time to reconnect with old friends or get together for an outing with work buddies. Family members visit us more at this time of year. We get together with neighbors over a cold beverage and a hot grill more frequently. Whether dining or dancing, we connect with other people more.

We hike, bike, raft, kayak, and camp out more. And those of us who adore plants tend to botanize more; whether we know it or not. We teach the little ones how to identify poison oak. We marvel at how fast a sunflower grows. We become aware that a redwood grove supports an amazing micro-ecosystem. There will be music festivals, summer camps, guided tours, swim trips, beach visits, and so much more.

What you take away from your experiences this summer is a personal thing, possibly just some needed R&R. Whatever the case, get out and enjoy nature. When the teacher asks, you’ll be ready.