If so, we’d like to hear what kinds you’re growing and under what conditions (soil, moisture, temperature, exposure, fertilizer, etc.) in order to map the varieties that grow best locally.

If you’re not already growing citrus, it’s time to change that! This winter our citrus patch holds a bounty of tangy wonders such as ‘Buddha’s Hand’ citron, ‘Australian Finger’ lime, bitter orange, and a selection of around 20 other varieties of lemons, limes, grapefruits, sour, sweet and blood oranges, kumquast, calamondins and so forth. Most are grafted on dwarfing rootstock, which means that they usually can be grown quite well in containers.

In fact, citrus will do well indoors for short periods in bright light (just ask Louis XIV), so why not toss your tinsel on a potted limequat this Christmas? After all, the Star o’ Bethlehem probably shone on more citrus (probably Citrus medica) than on Douglas Fir!