One of the questions we are most often asked is, “How far apart should I plant these vegetable seedlings?” There is a range of answers to that question, mostly based on the way you plan to harvest your plants. If you plan to regularly harvest outside leaves as the plant continues to mature, you can plant them a bit closer together. If the plant is a compact or dwarf variety, you can also fit a few more in your row. If your soil is not rich or well-amended, plant them further apart. Check plant tags and seed packets for additional information.

Here are some general guidelines:

Year-round crops
Broccoli, cauliflower, kale, collards12 to 18 inches apart
Chicory, Radicchio, endive6 to 8 inches apart
Lettuce8 to 12 inches apart
Spinach12 inches apart
Swiss Chard8 inches apart
Warm season crops
Beans2-3 inches apart
Eggplants18 inches apart
Melons24 to 36 inches apart
Peppers + Chiles12 to 18 inches apart
Peas2-3 inches apart
Tomatoes ­— determinate or dwarf3 feet apart
Tomatoes ­— indeterminate4 feet apart
Pumpkins4 feet apart
Winter squash3 feet apart
Zucchini + Summer squash3 feet apart