Seeds for the Season

As summer peaks we find ourselves transitioning from spring to fall vegetables. Now is the time to finish planting summer squashes, beans and cucumbers; while starting to sow cole crops, root vegetables and peas. Consider seeds for these seasonally appropriate vegetables over the next couple of months.

‘Everest’ Radish
A daikon variety that is early to harvest and tolerates heat. Use this radish in making soups, salads and in pickling. Find ‘Everest’ radish seeds in the Kitazawa Seed section.

‘Nautic’ Brussels Sprouts
A late season highly disease resistant variety. Medium sized sprouts are tender with a sweet flavor. Find ‘Nautic’ Brussels sprouts seeds in the High Mowing section.

3 Pea Mix
A flavorful mixture of sugar and snow peas. An excellent mix for salads, stir fries and side dishes. Find 3 Pea Mix seeds in the Redwood section.

‘Blue Solaise’ Leek
Beautiful blue-leaved plant with very large stalks. An early to harvest variety that has a subtly sweet flavor. Find ‘Blue Solaise’ leek seeds in the Seed Savers Exchange section.