indoor foliageGive your houseplants ‘The Spa Treatment’

Indoor plants provide a great sense of calm and pleasure in our homes and offices. While not only beautiful, they produce oxygen, ‘filter’ the indoor air, and they help us to slow down and stay connected to the outside world during these colder days.

If you’re like me and find that your houseplants never receive quite the same treatment as your beloved garden beds, now is a great time to revive and treat your indoor plants to a clean-up and makeover for the new year.

Most indoor plants should be repotted regularly to maintain healthy growth and vitality, and since they never receive rain, an overhead shower and careful inspection are probably in order.

Berkeley Hort has pottery, soil, fertilizers, tools and everything you need to restore your indoor friends and keep them happy all year long. Bring in your plants for an inspection and talk to one of our Houseplant folks. We feature a great selection of indoor plants and flowering orchids to dress any room in your home and office, just in time for spring.