A s a footnote to Helen’s article, we want to remind you that Flower Bulbs that hail from Mediterranean climate zones around the world are great for naturalizing in our area. Flower bulbs are storage organs that hold food reserves, enabling them to push up quickly and compete successfully with other plants. They also carry the plant through dormancy (in this case late summer) and allow the glorious seasonal show to proceed without the need for special conditions. 

Bulbs from these areas tend to grow at least roots during our cool, wet winters; enter a period of dormancy during our hot, dry summers and bloom either fall or spring (with some notable exceptions in summer). The majority of our bulb inventory will arrive in September and October. Popular genera from these regions are Watsonia, Ixia, Sparaxis, Amaryllis, Babiana, Gladiolus, Muscari, Cyclamen, Allium, and Iris. 

Check back with our sales staff as new bulbs begin to arrive this fall; we expect to receive many Mediterranean climate varieties then.