Advice for the Horticulturally Harassed

For That Special Person on Your Holiday Gift List

Some gardening books that really should be in print:

  1. Plants That Merit Little Attention Vol. VII
  2. Gardening With Pernicious Weeds
  3. The Complete Book of Stem Rot
  4. Alpines To Know and Kill
  5. Landscaping For Fun, Profit and Ego
  6. A Pictorial Guide To Pond Scum
  7. A Children’s Book of Arboriculture (from the author of My First Chainsaw Book)
  8. IPM in the Urban Landscape (from Smith-Wesson and NRA Publishing)
  9. Orchids for Arrogance and Status
  10. The Really Filthy Topiary Book

Dr. Chlorophyll knows everything and has been known to comment on matters horticultural.