Wow—what a year it has been! I hope you were able to enjoy some of the festivities. There was music, food, giveaways, raffles and speakers for most of the year.

The Broken Compass Bluegrass band initiated our stage on April 30th. Then starting in August there were musical acts on the stage or patio every weekend. Who knew we’d own a stage?

There was amazing food. We enjoyed wood oven pizza and paella from Anaviv catering, tacos from Cholita Linda and Taqueria Los Gallos, Burgers from Rock Club Burgers, Japanese street food (Okonomiyaki) from Okkon, and soft serve ice cream from Brown Cap Organic Soft Serve. 

But most of our delicious food was provided by Jane Hammond Events. JHE provided us with bag lunches, gumbo, jambalaya, banh mi, spring rolls, all sorts of yummy sandwiches, beverages, cookies, and delicious desserts. We could not have done this without Jane Hammond and her team. They took care of many aspects of the celebration—both on event days and behind the scenes. So a big shout out to the Jane Hammond team.

Paul and I attended most of the events. I enjoyed the activities, but most of all I loved meeting our nursery neighbors. I met so many wonderful people, some who have been coming to the nursery for years and some that discovered the nursery that day.

Of course, a big thank you to the staff at Berkeley Hort. They graciously handled the extra work and stress of putting on the events during the year. They took on extra work and made special accommodations without complaint; and added their own ideas, which made everything run smoother.

Here’s to another 100 years. Thank you all for being a part of the first 100.


After the party

As the curtain falls and the dust settles after our 100th anniversary celebrations, I take a breath and say with a sigh, “That was fun!” These live music and food events gave me an opportunity to bond with our community, to provide a venue for live-music, and to make some new friends. To all of the musicians who graced our stage or patio, all of the food trucks, caterers, and guest speakers I say thank you!