Francisco Castro

Best known around here as “the fix-it guy”, Francisco currently has the longest running tenure on our yard crew… Read More »

Margaret Colbert

She is one of the Merritt College Horticulture students who came onboard in the early ‘90’s. Her organizational… Read More »

Paul Doty

Grandson of founder George Budgen, Paul grew up in the nursery. Finishing high school in the early ‘70’s, he spent… Read More »

Brandon Jensen

Love of the outdoors, optimism, self-sufficiency, and a real passion for growing his own food were a few of the traits… Read More »

TC Melançon

He began working here during high school at the age of 14. Drawn to the camaraderie of the yard crew he spent weekends… Read More »

Che Salas

Practicality is something we are always searching for at BHN, and after seeing the resumé of this handy-man I knew we… Read More »

Marcelles Walker

Early in 2004, we received an employment application from a quiet, and very respectful Berkeley High student; he turned… Read More »