upland cress - Illustration by Helen KrayenhoffA s summer peaks we find ourselves transitioning from spring to fall vegetables.  Now is the time to finish planting summer squashes, beans and cucumbers, while starting to sow Cole crops, root vegetables and peas. Consider seeds for these seasonally appropriate veggies over the next couple of months.

‘Upland Creasy Greens’ Cress
Great for a perfectly spicy little kick to your soups, salads or sandwiches. Cut and come again harvest. Find in the Sow True Seed seed section.

‘Magnolia Blossom’ Tall Snap Peas
Grow these peas for both their tasty abundance and their blooms! The 5-8 foot tall vines have bi-colored flowers and a long harvest season. Find them in the Renee’s Garden seed section.

‘Snow White’ Carrot
Very crisp 8” carrot with a mild, sweet flavor, and bold, pure white color. Excellent quality. Beautiful, unusual color for use in any recipes calling for carrots. Find in the Kitazawa seed section.

‘Premier Blend’ Kale
A new arrival for the 2019 season. Six different types of kale with six different personalities. Harvest in just 25 days for baby greens or 55 days for mature leaves. In our Botanical Interests seed section.