BHN 100th AnniversaryThis year marks our 100th Anniversary and we have lots of things planned. You have waited patiently. We have been working on the details. Now you can be part of the celebration. Mark your 2022 calendar now. This will be fun. Come see what’s happening!

Starting with free classes we will offer demonstrations on both Fruit Tree Pruning and Rose Pruning during these winter months. See our Free Classes for dates and times.

And each month this year we will give away FREE merchandise on select days. As a preview for the first 4 months check out the list on our homepage.

Then watch for one-of-a-kind Raffle Items (this means FREE, but you’ll need to enter for a chance to win). We’ll post descriptions and pics as well as dates on our website and social media so you can plan ahead. 

As the weather begins to warm up look (listen) for live music on our patio on Saturdays. Classical duos and trios, acoustic string bands, jazz, solo guitar, and much more. We will post a schedule online and in the nursery so you can plan ahead. 

I’m getting ahead of myself here but starting in late spring and going through the summer we plan to have catered food and/or food trucks inside the nursery on selected weekends.

All in all, it should be a grand time.

Download this edition of Gardening Suggestions