Whether you are trying to pick the right pot for a plant or the right plant for a pot, selecting the right look can prove to be a challenge. Fortunately, there are a variety of things you can keep in mind that may help you more seamlessly break down the decision.

Fern in the Red Pot - Illustration by Helen KrayenhoffThe easiest place to start is to decide how much you would like your potted specimen to contrast with its surrounding area. It can be helpful to snap a photo of your garden or interior space for reference before setting out to find a vessel. For more visual pop think about opposing colors, textures, and brightness. Try mixing warms with cools, or deep colors with light ones. Consider a refreshing crisp green fern with a burnt-rusty red pot, or a dusky Loropetalum with an electric blue-green container. To avoid having too much going on refrain from combining more than one or two bold colors, textures, and patterns. The louder a feature is, the more it will visually compete with any surrounding dominant elements.

On the contrary, maybe having a party in a pot is what you fancy. Have fun with wild combinations that create synchronicity in their lack of uniformity. Try pairing an eccentrically hued Coprosma with a bright, patterned or textured pot that demands equal attention.

To keep things a little less ostentatious and a little more subdued, go for a minimalist approach. Sticking to simplicity is always a safe bet. Neutrals are very popular for more modern looks that easily blend in and can also help your plant be the focal point. Regardless of the aesthetic direction you take, there really is no right or wrong pot for a plant. Just satisfy the needs of your specimen’s root system, transplant when needed and both you and your plant will be off to a great start!

A potted plant also serves as a great gift, so perhaps it could be the perfect solution to your holiday planning.