Early November is a great time to sow seed for California native grasses like Melica californica and Melica torreyana, as well as Festuca californica, F. rubra, Calamagrostis nutkaensis, Muhlenbergia rigens, Nassella pulchra, etc. These species and other perennial bunchgrasses were a huge part of the state’s original landscape, but they were largely overtaken by European annual grasses about 200+ years ago, with the arrival of settlers. Fortunately, the Melicas and other grasses have regained prominence in horticultural circles for their beauty, and in restoration landscaping for their important practical advantages such as habitat enhancement and erosion control.

This fall, elect to recreate a patch of California’s original grasslands. We vote that you begin your grassroots effort by visiting Berkeley Horticultural Nursery and checking out our selection of Larner Seed Company’s California native wildflower and grass seeds, including the great candidates mentioned above.