blueberries - Illustration by Helen KrayenhoffThe term ‘seasonal’ produce takes on new meaning for Bay Area gardeners. In early December I was enjoying a salad of fresh mozzarella with tomatoes from my home garden. A few ripe homegrown strawberries that the birds had overlooked topped a bowl of ice cream after that very same meal.

By planning ahead, we can extend the range of harvest time and increase the selection beyond that already offered by such wonderful produce purveyors as Berkeley Bowl or Monterey Market; and ensure freshness similar to that found at our local farmers’ markets. BHN comestible buyer Che, has made his choices of small-fruit and berry plants to be available during these months. Among his selections you will find evergreen huckleberries, rhubarbs, nine different blueberries, eight cane berries, six flavors of strawberry, and a couple of fine garden asparagus. Later, as the weather warms he will turn his attention to the fruits of summer…so make haste. Plan now and keep your kitchen stocked through the rest of 2019.