Kat ~ “Grow Ranunculus and other flowers for cutting in the growing space at my new rental.”

Priska ~  “Add more cool houseplants to my cool Tiny House.”

Alex ~ “Be successful at growing productive tomatoes.” 

Jason ~ “Grow as many edibles as possible on our small apartment patio.”

Maddie ~ “Grow more medicinal herbs and other plants for tea.”

Brandon ~ “Grow as much food as possible.”

Miguel ~ “Learn more about Bonsai.”

Susan ~ “Build and start a raised bed veggie garden.”

Trevern ~ “Propagate more from other plants.”

Meg ~ “Plant more pollinator-friendly and native plants.”

Amy ~ “Fill in the growing space along the fence line between me and the neighbors.”

Ellie ~ “Nurture my Avocado tree back to thriving.”