Rhizomes available in August.

Bearded Iris - Illustration by Helen KrayenhoffThough they come in a great array of colors and sizes, all bearded Irises want good drainage, plenty of sun, and room to grow. For best results, newly planted rhizomes should be well-rooted before the growing season ends. This means a July through September planting season. (Stretch this to October if you have a particularly hot yard.) Pick a spot that receives at least a half-day of sun and provides well-drained soil. Irises are adaptable to most soils, so a slight slope or raised bed can be enough even with our heavy clay (although added humus is recommended). 

Always plant Iris so that the top of the rhizome is exposed and the roots are spread out facing downward. It is a common mistake to plant too deeply. Leave space between the plants (usually 12 to 24 inches) so that you won’t have to dig up and divide the crowded rhizomes so frequently.