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Gardens come in all shapes and sizes, and it is this variety that makes our work so fulfilling. You are in for a pleasant surprise when you visit us for the first time. Stroll through almost an entire city block filled with trees, shrubs, flowers, veggies, herbs, native plants and much, much more. Our staff is eager to advise you on any horticultural project whether you are a novice green-thumb or a master gardener. We stock a healthy mix of popular recent introductions and old-school favorites for CA gardeners. Come see what we have—from Abelia to Ziziphus!

Gardening Suggestions

May/June 2017

Living Small

“Good things come in small packages,”  as my grandma Budgen used to say—and with this thought I launch into the realm of diminutive gardening. There is something comforting about micro-horticulture. Perhaps as a counterpoint to a trend during the past century in North American agriculture I am seeing a growing interest in small-scale gardens. This could be attributed to the density of urban life, but I also sense a desire among a new generation of gardeners to be realistic about what can be grown effectively in limited space without compromising the health of… Read More »

Cultivators for Cultivators

For any parent in your life who gardens, consider a gift this Mother’s or Father’s Day (May 14th, June 18th) of one… Read More »

95th Anniversary

Spring has sprung here at Berkeley Hort, and our 95th Anniversary is officially underway! If you’ve missed out so… Read More »

Thinkin’ of Summer

Father’s Day, graduation ceremonies, vacations, fun in the water, and backyard barbecues are right around the corner.… Read More »

The Squash Family: Sex Ed 101

Sometimes customers report that they have lovely lush squash or cucumber plants, but they get a small harvest. They say… Read More »

Red Wiggler Worms

Looking for a way to recycle your fruit & vegetable scraps? Berkeley Hort is now carrying Can-O-Worms Composter.… Read More »

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Gardener’s Calender

June Checklist

  • Prune fruit trees for a dwarfing effect.
  • Check your automatic watering systems for leaks.
  • Finish planting summer veggies.
  • Aquatic plants look best now, and are in good supply.
  • Feed ornamental grasses with an organic all-purpose fertilizer.

July Checklist

  • Mulch the soil around vegetable plants for water conservation.
  • Check your water garden to see that it is clear and free of mosquito larvae.
  • Tropical plants will benefit from extra feeding during these warm months.
  • Feed acid loving plants with Cottonseed Meal or Fish Emulsion.
  • Deadhead and feed early flowering perennials for a second bloom.