As the weather again begins to cool in October, the Bay Area typically starts to experience rain. This makes it an excellent time to begin sowing cool season crops and flowers! 

Vegetables: Peas thrive in the cool Bay Area air. Check out our large selection of peas including the mildly sweet snap variety ‘Sugar Daddy’ by Botanical Interests.

Cover crops: Now is the perfect time to plant a cover crop in your expiring vegetable bed. They help to reduce erosion and naturally put nitrogen back into the soil. Be sure to look for cover crops such as white clover from Pacific Coast Seed.

Annuals: Nasturtiums thrive in the cool season. They vine out creating soft masses of edible yellow, orange, white, or red flowers. Nasturtiums reseed easily making this annual seem almost a perennial. Botanical Interests offers a large selection of nasturtiums, including the luscious ‘Black Velvet’.

Natives: California poppies seem to be a favorite of locals and out-of-towners alike. Both the traditional orange California poppy and fun multi-colored mixes can be found in the Larner Seeds section. 

Happy Planting.