Pictured: Garden Ollas in Two Sizes

I bought an Olla last year to try it out. I placed it in a 20 gallon fabric pot with 3 small plants. Once the plants were established, they basically took care of themselves. It was amazing! Gone was the guesswork of wondering how much water was enough. Gone was the concern that the water might not be penetrating the soil, and instead, just running down the sides of the pot. Gone was the need for daily watering. I was so impressed with the Olla that I wrote an Ode to it. With apologies to Walt Whitman, here it is:

Ode to My Olla

Oh Olla! My Olla! You are so fat and round

I’m going to dig a hole and bury you in the ground

Your reservoir gives water to the thirsty roots around

I rest easy, knowing leaves, fruits and flowers will abound


Oh Olla! My Olla! You’re not just a water saver

With the drought and the price of water, you’re also a budget savior

I’m in awe of your efficiency, my respect will not waver

I have two in my raised bed and one in each container


Oh Olla! My Olla! Watering is no longer a chore

I don’t stand and wait so it’s less of a bore

I lift the lids and peer in, if the water is low I’ll add more

Then pick some flowers for the house before heading to the store


Oh Olla! My Olla! Now I never run,

I take my time in the garden in the afternoon sun,

Without the hose dragging behind me, gardening is more fun

And if I take a glass of wine with me, I feel as if I’ve won


Oh Olla! My Olla! I love that you starve weeds

There’s no water at the surface to meet those weed seeds’ needs

Less weeding, less grousing, fewer cautions to heed

And when I save water I know I’ve done a good deed


I don’t water the sidewalk; no run-off, no waste

I commune with the flowers; more contemplation, less haste

An old-school tool, made of clay, worth its weight

Oh Olla! My Olla! I think you’re just great


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