These are available for only a short time each winter. Check out these varieties that are easy to care for, and perform well in smaller gardens. All you need is a sunny location and a bit of summer pruning each year.

Fuji Apple
A Bay Area favorite! See the beautiful specimen growing in our front display beds. Sweet, crispy, and an excellent pollinator for other apples. November harvest.

Royal Crimson Cherry
For an early harvest (that you don’t mind sharing with birds) in May, try this new variety that produces an abundance of exceptionally sweet red fruit, with firm crunchy flesh. Low chill, and self-fruitful.

20th Century Asian Pear
Get ready to thin the fruits as these are exceptionally heavy bearers. In September you’ll be harvesting the sweet, crispy yet juicy yellow pears. We’ve discovered that they also make an awesome pie!

Santa Rosa Plum
This is a CA classic, thanks to Luther Burbank. Expect a mid-summer harvest of juicy, tangy, flavorful fruits that have reddish-purple skin and amber flesh. Self-fertile.