Metal Arbors and Trellises

From many styles of flat panels, to arches, borders, and obelisks these garden accessories have become popular. As you wander through our nearly-2 acre growing space check out the different ways to support plants, or provide divisions between garden spaces. Also see our selection of hooks, hangers, and garden torches.

Panels & Arches
$34.99 and up

Pistia stratoites

This may be of limited interest due to its need to float freely on the surface of still water, but they are cool. Water lettuce produces 8 inch wide pale green velvety rosettes above, and feathery roots trailing below. Feed your manatee!

Bare root

Persea americana varieties

AVOCADOS to most of us. If you’ve been debating whether to give it a try, now is the time. We have warm days, we have water, we just hope we don’t get a freeze. Somewhat complex in their pollination and ripening, come ask us for advice. We have a dozen varieties that should thrive in Sunset zone 17.

#5 size cans

Begonia boliviensis

Growing from a large woody tuber this begonia bears tons of 2″ ORANGE-RED flaring blossoms all summer long. Spectacular! Native to Bolivia and the cliffs of N. Argentina. Keep dry in winter. Emerges in mid-late spring.

#1 size cans