Bougainvillea hybrids

We are expecting a warm summer. Why not embrace it with a showy splash of color on a south-facing wall? Flowers (actually bracts) range in color from white or pale-pink, to intense rosy-red and bright orange. Bring a bit of Santa Barbara to Berkeley.

#1 size cans
#5 size cans
$44.95 to $49.95

Alstroemeria hybrids

As cut flowers these Peruvian Lilies are unbeatable, lasting for up to two weeks in a vase. Garden culture is easy, and they are blooming now…so it’s a great time to select your favorite color. They come in tall, deciduous forms, or lower growing, evergreen types.

#1 size cans

Aquatic Plants

As the sun creeps higher, our selection of water plants increases. In addition to #1 size we have many varieties in a slightly smaller size pot. At press time some of the favorites in stock are Parrot’s Feather, Giant Arrowhead, Marsh Marigold, and Water Clover. We expect this size to be more popular among urban gardeners, and those with container water gardens.

Quart size cans