Marty Milton

We’re willing to bet there is no one who doesn’t like Marty. His fans are legion, and we’ve witnessed lines of customers waiting to speak to him. Coming to The Hort in 1993, Marty spent seven years on our yard crew moving plants, watering, unloading trucks, making deliveries, and learning about horticulture. Life was not always smooth for him over the next 12 years as family matters had him bouncing between the two coasts. But, lucky for us he came back to BHN and has worked here steadily since 2006! He’s best known as the jovial buyer, groomer, stocker, and “go to” guy for our 4-inch perennial areas. Experiences here, at nurseries in the Southeast and Pacific Northwest have given him the ability to communicate with customers about a broad range of garden subjects. His heart is in the right place.