January 2017

(Subject to availability)

Bluecrop mid Light blue berry, good dessert quality. Vigorous upright growth with fiery-red fall foliage.
Blueray early/mid Large powder blue fruit. Sweet and slightly tart. Rosy-pink flowers turn bright white in full bloom.
Elliott late Large sweet, slightly tart berries in September! Burgundy wood and grey green leaves.
Jewel mid Abundant crops of the largest Southern Highbush berries with a sweet, tangy flavor. Upright habit. Long harvest period.
Misty early Vigorous and prolific producer of med. sweet juicy berries. Nice fall color.
O’Neal early Very sweet, med. sized light blue fruit. Southern Highbush that is the earliest to ripen.
Pink Lemonade late Pale green fruits ripen to deep pink late in the season. Orange/red fall color. Rich in anti-oxidants.
Sharpblue early Berries are dark blue, dime-sized, with excellent flavor and texture.
Sunshine Blue early/late Med. size, sweet and tangy. Semi-dwarf. Great in pots! Can produce year round. Fall color!
Olallie Big ol’ shiny, firm berry that is more sweet than tart. Great for pies.
Thornless Chester Semi erect canes produce large, sweet, dark berries. Flavorful even before peak ripeness. Disease resistant.
Thornless Triple Crown Named for it 3 crowning traits: flavor, productivity & vigor! Can produce up to 30lbs. of big, firm, and flavorful berries per season!
Thornless Boysen Tall, erect thornless canes produce huge, rich, tangy dark maroon berries.
(Grapes require heat to produce good fruit crops. Plant in sunniest location.)
Golden Muscat Mature amber colored grapes that have that California Muscat flavor; Quite juicy and very sweet. Very ornamental; great fall color.
Himrod Seedless Hybrid of ‘Thompson Seedless’. High quality pale green, sweet grapes. Cold hardy.
Interlaken Seedless This hybrid of ‘Thompson’ requires less heat and is more cold hardy. Pale green berry is sweet and crisp. 100hr.
Ruby Seedless Large clusters of reddish-black sm.-md. sized berries. Delicious dessert like fruit ripen mid.-late season. Vigorous ornamental vine.
Suffolk Red Seedless Produces large loose clusters of round, med. sized fruit, have very tender red skin and are delicious eaten fresh or cooled as a dessert.
Thompson Seedless Pale green fruit is sweet and delicious, with no bitter aftertaste. Dependably productive. Makes great golden raisins.
Evergreen Huckleberry (Vaccinium ovatum) Pacific Coast Native. Dark green leaves with bronzy new growth often used by florists. Small, white, bell-shaped flowers attract hummingbirds. High production of small, sweet, tangy fruit.
Tomuri-male The standard late-season pollinator, ideal for pollinating ‘Vincent’ (1 male to 8 females). Does not produce fruit, but very ornamental.
Vincent-female Fruit medium-sized, sweet, of very good flavor. Vine very prolific & vigorous; provide strong support. Use 1 male for up to 8 females.
Canby springbearing The only truly “thornless”, red raspberry. Large, firm, juicy berries are good for all uses. Heavy summer harvest in Bay Area climate. Aphid and viroid resistant.
Fallgold everbearing Big conical, non-crumbling golden berries with sweet flesh. Great for canning or fresh desserts!
Heritage everbearing Larger firm deep red berries. Vigorous, hardy canes which my not need staking.
Albion everbearing Large, conical red berries. Excellent flavor. Resistant to verticillium wilt and some crown rot.
Aromas everbearing Exceptional fruit quality. Upright growth resistant to powdery mildew.
Benton springbearing Extra hardy. Fruit is bright red, excellent keeping quality. Drought & disease resistant.
Eversweet everbearing Sweet long, conical fruit. Produces well all summer and into fall. Heat tolerant.
Quinault everbearing Large, tender fruit – the sweetest of the everbearers and the most disease resistant. Produces best in hot, sunny spot.
San Andreas everbearing Recently released from Univ. of Calif. High yield, large, attractive sweet fruit. Vigorous, few runners. Good disease resistance.
Sequoia springbearing Very large, dark red fruit with excellent flavor and good runner production. One of our favorites!
Tri Star everbearing Med. glossy red super-sweet berries. Some runners. Disease resistant.
Jersey Knight All-male hybrid. Large good flavored spears. Disease resistant. Very productive.
Sweet Purple Purple stalked variety with 20% higher sugar content, larger and more tender spears than green types.